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Insurance Agent Near Me

"How to find the best insurance agent near me?" This is probably the most asked question I had from people around me.

It is understandable when people are asking this because they need certainty when it comes to insurance.

Insurance is a means of protecting oneself from financial loss. It can be classed as a form of risk management, primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent or uncertain loss.

An organization that provides insurance is known as an insurance company.

Many individual have been surfing the net seeking for insurance agents that are close by or located within the neighborhood where they live.

The advent of insurance has made life easy for so many people, in some countries having an insurance policy is paramount to enable one enjoy the best services offered in various sector (health, education, mortgage, properties etc.).

We are surrounded by hundreds of insurance agents, some are genuine and some of course are not.

Insurance agents function as the representative of an insurance company by presenting and selling insurance to the insured. An insurance agent is expected to be licensed by the state in which they operate and conduct their business.

The aim of this article is to help insured find and locate genuine insurance agents located near them.

Insurance Agent near Me

This article will benefit insured that are looking for insurance agents that is or are located near them.

If you are the one, then you need not to worry anymore as this article will help you on how to locate an insurance agent near you the consideration you need to put in mind.

How to Locate an Insurance Agent near You

Insurance agents are skillful and good at selling insurance, better put; they are good in what they do.

Locating an insurance agent is like looking for a grocery store that sells exactly what you need at an affordable price.

It is a big decision to select an insurance agent is very important and should not be done hastily but wisely. It is  imperative to bear in mind that a good insurance agent should do more than just sell you a policy.

One valuable asset beyond haggling for price which most insured always does, you need to watch out for in an insurance agent is an agent’s levels of expertise because this could either make you or break you at claim time.

Therefore, before adventuring on looking for an insurance agent close by, you might want to consider these six (6) steps below.

Seek for Counsel

Decide If Location Is Important to You.

Visit Their Websites.

Interview all Prospective Agent you Selected

Look for Credentials.

Find an Expert 

Trust and professionalism are important. Therefore, if at the end of your interview with an agent and you feel that the agent is simply interested in selling you a policy, you should look another agent.

In selecting an insurance agent, ensure you find an expert who is well vast and experienced. The need to select an expert insurance agent is because:

  • They can give you guidance on how to fill out a claim properly, so you get paid top dollar for your claim
  • An experienced insurance agent will be able to make your case to the claims department in the instance of any risen dispute about a claims payment.
  • An expert agent will keep an eye on how your insurance requirements may shift or change over the years.
  • An expert insurance agent will communicate to you when your insurance needs changes. The agent will make you realize the importance and the potential for these changes.
  • Check an insurance agent's background

In the quest to find an agent, it is paramount to carryout a background check and be sure that an agent's licensing is up to date and is not contradictory to state requirements.

The verification or background check should not be done hastily. At your convenience, you should ask for a copy of your agent's license, so as to independently verify his/her license status. In line with that, check for any complaints against an agent. Carryout a background check on the patient’s history, all these is a bid to be sure that that your choice of an agent is legit.

5 Basic Insurance Policy you ought to Know

Before launching out to look for an Insurance agent, it is best to first identify the type of insurance policy you need. By so, you will be able to identify an insurance agent that is capable of meeting your need to the latter. The insurance policies you may want to consider are:

Health Insurance

Health insurance is important to all because of the huge financial cost. You’ll become vulnerable to potential financial catastrophe if you don’t have a health insurance.

With the high-deductible health insurance plan combined with a Health Savings Account (HSA), you can tackle any high health insurance fee.

The high-deductible plan enables you to pay a lower monthly premium, though you’re responsible to pay for more of your up-front healthcare costs. Also, a high-deductible health plan gives you room to open an HSA.



  • Tax deduction
  • Tax-free growth
  • Tax-free withdrawal
  • Easy, simple and straight forward to purchase
  • Continuous payment even if you don’t use it
  • Private health insurance is costly
  • Most health insurance policy doesn’t cover all types of diseases

Car Insurance

Car insurance is gives a cover for your automobiles, so you shouldn’t drive around uninsured. There are several car insurance options you can choose from. These are:

Liability coverage: This covers the costs of any injuries or property damage caused in the collision should in any case you are responsible for an accident.

Collision coverage: if for the reason of repair or replacing your damaged or destroyed car due to an accident, the collision coverage covers you.

Comprehensive coverage: perhaps your car was not involved in an accident but was stolen, vandalized, or swept and damaged by flood, hail and fire this level of insurance covers your losses.

Personal Injury Protection: This type of car insurance covers your medical bill that is related to driver and passenger injuries.

Underinsured or Uninsured Motorist: This car insurance comes handy when you are involved in an accident and the person who hits or bashed your car does not have enough insurance to cover the damage or does not have any coverage at all.



  • Covers hit and run damages including weather
  • Covers repair or replacement of car due to accident
  • You have to pay deductibles before claiming benefits
  • Increase in premium after claiming of benefits

Homeowners’ or Renters’ Insurance

Homeowners’ or Renter’s insurance is another basic and necessary coverage you need. You need not to worry or jittery whenever there is any damage or theft of personal items in your apartment. For those living in urban areas, you can look up and apply the low cost of renter’s insurance.

Flood Insurance: Flood insurance is important particularly for homeowners’ as it covers every damages or destruction that occurs due to flooding.

Earthquake Coverage. This coverage is important for both Homeowners’ and Renters’. It is not mandatory but if you need it, you can always confide with your agent.



  • Covers large damage that otherwise may not be covered
  • Deductibles is low when compared to cost of repair
  • Covers accidents that happen  in the house
  • Incur extra monthly payment   
  • Most health insurance policy doesn’t cover all types of diseases
  • High monthly premium due to low deductibles

Life Insurance

Life insurance is looked over by many but they are not aware of the great benefit of this coverage. Life insurance sure helps your wife and child(ren) in the dark moments of grief, especially in the case you unexpectedly pass away, they will be able to pay for monthly expenses with the provision of your life insurance. Your family won’t have to be stranded or worry about losing their home, making ends meet, changing their college plans since you have a life insurance.



  • Lifetime coverage, provided premiums are paid
  • Favorable tax treatment
  • Death benefit are income tax free
  • Permanent coverage
  • Highly expensive
  • The investment growth is smaller

Disability Insurance

Life is so unpredictable and full of surprise and uncertainties and one of which is disability which can be partial, temporary or permanent. Disability insurance is similar to life insurance. It provides coverage for income lost during periods of time that you are unable to work. Disability insurance includes and covers partial, temporary, permanent and total disability.



  • You enjoy complete set of protection for your income
  • You enjoy more money to spend on other needs such as medications and therapies during recovering process
  • You get part payment of your latest income during the event of you being disabled
  • Takes longer time to claim benefits
  • Payment is limited for some months

Conclusion on this

Having an insurance coverage is important and which cannot be overlooked and as such it is paramount to get a good, competent and experience insurance agent that is situated within your neighborhood.

Insurance agents are available to give advice and also make case whenever there is any matter arising concerning payment.

Getting the best hand for the job is important so as to help you not to loose your money or not available when you need it.

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