The Most Affordable Car Insurance For College Students

Paying for car insurance is never an easier task.

For families with youngsters in college, this cost can be significantly additionally overwhelming.

State-funded college education cost has turned out to be multiple times progressively costly since the 1970s, while private college education cost has expanded by a factor of four.

Middle family wages, then again, have just grown by a small amount of that. This leaves less cash on the table for extra costs, for example, rent, food, and guess what, insurance.

Taking into account that most traditional college students are more youthful and consequently have less driving knowledge and improved probabilities of getting into mishaps, providers will in general increase rates for this group.

Fortunately, numerous car insurance providers offer discounts on policy explicitly for college students with GPAs of 3.0 or higher (generally known as a Good Student Discount), the individuals who don't have a car with them on grounds (known as the Student Away at School Discount), and the individuals who have finished the TeenSmart driving project.

Here are ten insurance organizations that provide discounts to assist you in locating the best car insurance for college students.

For every carrier, we surveyed whether it gives a Student Away at School Discount, Good Student Discount, a Driving Training Discount, and a TeenSmart Discount, and how huge of a cut these discounts can give.



Otherwise called the American Automobile Association, AAA has been around since 1902 and has 58 million individuals in the United States and Canada. Aside from giving car insurance, AAA individuals get all day, everyday roadside help and some genuinely huge discounts for college students.

Driver Training Discount: 5%

Good Student Discount: 14%

Student Away at School Discount: 46%

The less regular Driver Training Discount applies to individuals who have taken the essential AAA-endorsed driver education and training program.

• American Family

American Family Logo

Starting in 2015, American Family had approximately two percent of the car insurance piece of the overall industry, making it one of the biggest suppliers in the United States. Even though they give two student-significant discount choices, these discounts can remove a significant rate.

Good Student Discount: 25 percent

TeenSmart Discount: 10 percent

• Allstate


Allstate covers 10% of the car insurance piece of the overall industry, making it the third most prominent car insurance organizations in the United States. Maybe due to a limited extent to the measure of its buyer base, Allstate gives some considerable discounts to student drivers.

Good Student Discount: 35%

Student Away at School Discount: 5%

• Auto-Owners


With 6,200 organizations in the United States and more than 100 years in business, Auto-Owners Insurance is one of the biggest and longest standing car insurance suppliers in the nation.

This time in the industry more likely than not demonstrated to them that students with good evaluations and without a car on grounds merit less expensive rates because their student discounts are probably the greatest. Unfortunately, they give policies in 26 states.

Good Student Discount: 20%

Student Away at School Discount: 25%



GEICO accomplishes more than put a talking lizard on TV—they give car insurance, and with an entirely good student discount to boot.

Of the five biggest car insurance suppliers in the nation (State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, Progressive, and Farmers), GEICO additionally gives the least expensive rates, by and large.

Thus, however, they offer one sort of student discount, their less costly rates may make them the correct alternative for you.

Good Student Discount: 15%

• MetLife


Established in 1868, MetLife has been around for a long time. It has 90 million clients in more than 60 nations.

Metlife's home and auto branch offer policies in every one of the 50 states. This broad history and extended network likely add to the size of discounts and variety they can give to college students.

Good Student Discount: 15%

Student Away at School Discount: 10%

TeenSmart Discount: 7%

• StateFarm

StateFarm, according to the Insurance Information Institute, had 18.3 percent of the piece of the pie starting at 2015, making it the best car insurance supplier by that measurement.

On account of its size and geographic representation (State Farm is accessible in every one of the 50 states), they can give sizeable student discounts. Moreover, similarly, as with numerous other vast insurance providers, you can get considerably greater discounts by bundling different policy types, for example, home and life.

Good Student Discount: 25%

TeenSmart Discount: 15%

• Safeco


Even though Safeco offers numerous sorts of insurance, they do not have some regular technological solutions. For instance, internet filing for auto claims is presently accessible in just a few states.

Numerous other insurance organizations (for example their competition) give room for filing online claims and have for some time. Moreover, however not the most costly, Safeco likewise isn't the least expensive.

Nonetheless, they do give different student discounts. Mainly whenever packaged with a home insurance policy, these discounts could make a purchasing through Safeco justified, despite all the trouble.

Good Student Discount: 16%

Student Away at School Discount: 20%

TeenSmart Discount: 15%

• Westfield Insurance


Notwithstanding being one of the littler suppliers in the insurance sector, Westfield gives some noteworthy student discounts. These could make Westfield an aggressive alternative and possibly the best form of car insurance for a college student.

Good Student Discount: 25%

TeenSmart Discount: 15%

• Plymouth Rock Assurance

Plymouth Rock Insurance

Plymouth Rock Assurance is one of the newbies in the insurance business. Established in 1982, they are just accessible in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania. In any case, for students in those states, they offer decent discounts.

Good Student Discount: 15%

Student Away at School Discount: 15%

• Dynamic

Dynamic Insurance Services

Dynamic isn't accessible in all states; however as indicated by the Insurance Information Institute, they had 8.8 percent of the car insurance piece of the overall industry starting at 2015.

By offering a Student Away at School Discount and a Good Student Discount, we're confident that the college students among their numerous clients appreciate the value cut they get for good evaluations and leaving the car at home.

Good Student Discount: 10%

Student Away at School Discount: 10%

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