About Us

AmongTheTop is a trusted information portal about insurance in general. We talk specifically about home insurance, car insurance, and life insurance.

We are a team consisting of a digital marketer and a top insurance agent whom each has an interest in our own area of expertise. We decided to start this blog because we want to do more for the community since we know many people are always seeking information to help them find the right product, advice, etc.

With this goal in mind, we would like to welcome you to this site, and we also love to get constructive input and suggestion from you to make this site better overtimes.


Who we are … 

Henry Tjandra

Henry Tjandra is a simple guy who loves his family. He enjoys traveling and go on food hunting.

He is a veteran in the digital marketing space. With more than a decade of experience in search engine optimization, social media, and lead gen. He is aware that interaction from online searchers is the best. Knowing that he and his team are working hard to lift quality traffic to the site.

As the founder of amongthetop.com, Henry asks the team to supply quality information about insurance in general, specifically home and auto insurance. He did this with one goal in mind, and that is to help online seekers get the latest information on insurance products, news, tips, and tricks.

Oen Apin

Oen Apin is a giant in life and car insurance. He started his career as a life insurance agent for Prudential, and then he joins Allianz. His achievement in the life insurance field was amazing as he was the only person who was able to get the best agent of the year three times in a row.

Apin now is one of the top-notch senior managers. Today, he is more focus on cars and actively hanging out in the car community since 2008.

His goal is to build a solid team of agents under his control. He realized that in order to make that happen, he needs to have a publication where people could see his service, solution, and achievement.


Dylan Fardhani is a fresh graduate who loves gaming and hiking with his friends. He is responsible for creating great design and doing digital promotion.

One of Dylan’s strength is that he is a fast learner and an action taker. Dylan loves the fact that there are competitors in this field. To him, this is showing the prospect of this business in the long run.

As long as we are doing things the way they should be done, we will not find any obstacles too big or hard for us to handle.

“I like the fact that I found a young man that is optimistic, know what he needs to do and is a hard worker. I am glad to have him in our team” Said Henry’s.



Nona is our content editor; she is responsible for creating awesome content and publishing them on the blog.

Nona is a hard worker who loves to travel where she can enjoy herself on a food hunting trip, shopping and doing other “women” activities.

Nona’s daily responsibilities consist of creating a content plan, rechecking content that has been delivered to her, monitoring the content quality of the draft content, images and more.

“I’m glad to be in this team where all the personnel have positive attitudes and always helped each other out.” This is what she thinks about the team.



Bella is the team’s assistant. Her responsibility is to help the team with labor tasks such as gathering information, sending emails and others.

She was joining the team after graduating from high school where she needs a job to help with her college tuition.

Bella is another million dollar girl the team has. She will not rest if the task that has been given to her still not done yet.

What awesome about Bella is that her will to fund her education is so strong. She is currently financing her study at the college with the salary that she got from working here with us.